E7000 LH This is a Universal Heavy Duty grease containing IF-Tungsten Disulfide & MOS2 and other carefully graded solid lubricants.Excellent extreme pressure properties. Forms solid lubricant film under heavy load application.

Applications:  General ball, roller, needle and spherical bearings, splined shafts, gears, threaded drive spindles, Fork lift. Usable in all bearings operating over a wide speed range.

Black Briar WS2 Black Briar WS2 is specially formulated to withstand very high shear strength. It can be used in plain, anti-friction bearings and all types of bearings operating at high temperature and moderate speed. This grease is highly resistant to water and prevents corrosion. It can be used for various applications, including machines operated under extreme pressure at elevated temperature. It is compatible with all metals, rubber and plastic.
LG Black WS2 LG Black Grease is thick, tacky synthetic grease formulated with special EP additives and patented IF-Tungsten Disulfide. It reduces friction and wear, has excellent corrosion protection, suitable for high load and high speed applications, resists hot and cold water and is bitumen free. It is ideally suited for lubrication of small to large sized all types of gears subjected to heavy load at high circumferential speeds in dusty/dirty atmosphere, transport cables, wire ropes, shafts, chains etc. Provides excellent film on the gear surfaces and avoids wear and pitting on tooth flanks, and the grease doesn’t get thrown off during operation. Also useful on slow-moving bearings, especially those exposed to water/ or steam attack.
BlueGel 222 BLUEGEL-222 is a premium quality lithium complex soap grease containing non-solid additive which imparts high load carrying capacity. This grease has good corrosion & oxidation resistance, water washout characteristics and displays excellent working stability under high loads, shocks and vibrations. It exhibits superior low-friction qualities and provides long-term lubrication to equipment subject to heavy loads and rough operating conditions. It can be applied in any convenient way, i.e. manually/by grease guns or lubricators. Applications: Ball and roller bearings operating under high loads, cams, sliding mechanisms, sleeve bearings, springs, etc. in automobiles, steel, heavy engineering and process industry, water pumps and other such areas.