MillMate 250 MILLMATE 250 is a transparent medium bodied mineral based gel grease for moderate load and high temperature applications. Its high viscosity base fluid is strengthened with a homogeneously balanced blend of additive package gives it superior aging properties, resistance to wear, rust, corrosion and oxidation. A special additive gives it superior film strength and water resistance.
It can be applied in any convenient way, i.e. spatula, grease gun or brush. Although it is compatible with generally used elastomers, it is advisable to carry out compatibility tests before regular usage. Applications: For plain / roller bearings and spindles in Sugar, Paper, Textile and other moderate load conditions.
TEG EP 200 EP 2 grade grease for general plant lubrication
BlueGel 222 BLUEGEL-222 is a premium quality lithium complex soap grease containing non-solid additive which imparts high load carrying capacity. This grease has good corrosion & oxidation resistance, water washout characteristics and displays excellent working stability under high loads, shocks and vibrations. It exhibits superior low-friction qualities and provides long-term lubrication to equipment subject to heavy loads and rough operating conditions. It can be applied in any convenient way, i.e. manually/by grease guns or lubricators. Applications: Ball and roller bearings operating under high loads, cams, sliding mechanisms, sleeve bearings, springs, etc. in automobiles, steel, heavy engineering and process industry, water pumps and other such areas.