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Taurlube is a manufacturer of performance driven lubricants for use in Automotive & Industrial applications. Made from the finest base oils and select raw materials, coupled with extensive research and development, Taurlube offers best in class lubricants for the Automotive & Industrial segments.

Our Industral segment products have application in a vst spectrum o industries rangng from Stee, Sugar, Cement, Metal Working, Mining, Construction Machinery & other heavy industries.


Taurlube products manufactured in its India facility are shipped globally to customers, directly & through a network of distributors. Our major export destinations include the United States, Turkey, Poland and Singapore.

Industries Served

Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting processes generate a lot of heat during operations due to friction between the tool and the workpiece, and require a cooling medium which also acts as a Lubricant, Rust Preventive and Flushing medium.

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Automotive Industry

Automobiles consist of several moving parts that require constant lubrication in order to reduce the wear & tear. Taurlube offers standard and specialty lubricant solutions to cater to the needs to Automotive applications such as High Speed bearing grease, heavy duty greases, etc.

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Steel Industry

Steel production involve use of extreme heavy duty equipment which is suseptible to wear and tear, as well as being subjected to high amounts of heat. Use of proper lubrication products increases the service life of the plant machinery, reduces downtimes and also adds to the output quality of the plant.

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Cement Plant

Cement plant machinery is subjected to high shear and stresses in operations such as crushing, mixing and conveying of material, which reduces the service life of the machinery.

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Paper Industry

Paper manufacturing industries utilize various conveying, mixing and treatment machinery, that is subjected to continuous wear and tear. Taurlube offers a wide range of premium grade lubricants which minimises the wear and tear of the moving parts.

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Mining & Earth Moving

Earth moving machinery that is used in Mining, Road Construction and Infrastructure development is subjected to extreme condition in the presence of heavy loads, dust and difficult working conditions.

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Food Industry

Food products manufacturing plants consist of numerous moving parts which require constant lubrication which needs to be in strict compliance with local and international safety guidelines. Taurlube offers food grade greases & lubricants which are certified by global food safety certification agencies.

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