Industries Served

Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting processes generate a lot of heat during operations due to friction between the tool and the work-piece, and require a cooling medium which also acts as a Lubricant, Rust Preventive and Flushing medium.

Taurlube offers state of the art Metal Working Fluids, commonly known as Coolants and Cutting Oils, which deliver high performance in all machining conditions. Taurlube portfolio also include Rust Preventive Products, Component Cleaning Solutions and Additive Packages to cater to the needs to the Metal Cutting Industry

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Automobiles consist of several moving parts that require constant lubrication in order to reduce the wear & tear. Taurlube offers standard and specialty lubricant solutions to cater to the needs to Automotive applications such as High Speed bearing grease, heavy duty greases, etc.

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Steel Industry

Steel production involve use of extreme heavy duty equipment which is susceptible to wear and tear, as well as being subjected to high amounts of heat. Use of proper lubrication products increases the service life of the plant machinery, reduces downtime's and also adds to the output quality of the plant.

Taurlube offers a host of standard and specialty solutions for the Steel industry, that include Grinding fluids for Roll Grinding operations, Heavy Duty Bearing Greases for Rolls and other applications, High Temperature Greases, Liner lubricants, etc.

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